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The Texas Council of Alpha Chapters

On January 18th, 2014 Brother Tarrynce Robinson, 16th TCAC Director, visited the home of Brother Kerven Carter, the only living co-founder of the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters. He asked him to share with him the story of how the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters was founded. Below is an excerpt from the conversation.

In 1941 The Southwestern Region was formed on the campus of Wiley College, the Alpha Sigma Chapter. Soon after the states in the Southwestern Region Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana went right ahead and organized. By 1963, Texas was the lone state to organize itself amongst the chapters within its border. In 1963, when the Regional Convention was held in Ft. Worth Texas, it was forcibly brought to light that we had to become a council. There were several officers from Texas that were competing against each other and noticeably splitting the votes. It was brought to our attention that we needed to organize. When we counted the chapters/brothers we observed that we had enough members to elect anybody we wanted as long as we stuck together.

Consequently, we saw the need for organization and started meeting following the convention. We planned and met several times over the months. The Brothers involved with the early organization were Brothers Horace Williams and Dr. Forde B. McWilliams from Houston (Alpha Eta Lambda), Earnest Wallace, James White, Sr., Emanuel McKinney. Jr, and Kerven Carter, Sr. from Ft. Worth (Beta Tau Lambda). Horace Williams and Dr. McWilliams were the two most vocal. Brother Carter recalled that Brother Horace Williams was so more candid with an upfront approach. “These characteristics are why Horace and I had such a great relationship.” One of the formative meetings was held as far as Amarillo and on Brother Victor “Amarillo” Smith Hosted that occasion. “The Distance of Amarillo did not deter from the following on what we started.” Brother Carter said.

On October 18, 1964, The Texas Council of Alpha Chapters was formed at Bishop College in Dallas, Texas. The original founders were named because of their “Fire” and “Sacrifice” they had with the creation of the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters. They voted to make Brother Dr. Fonde B. McWilliams the 1st President of the Texas Council of Alpha Chapters.

Past T.C.A.C District Directors

1 Bro Forde Berte McWilliams
2 Bro Victor Smith
3 reby Cary
4 Bro Horace Williams
5 Bro Roosevelt Johnson Jr
6 Bro Charles Green
7 Bro Audry Mackey
8 Gerald Joseph
9 Bro William Jones
10 Bro Albert Johnson
11 Terry German
12 Tophas Anderson
13 Bro Donald Davis
14 Willie Edwards
15 Stephen Middletown
16 Bro Tarrynce
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